Our 'Ambassador Program' Is an initiative to highlight the incredible lifestyles we've been inspired by in our home of Banff National Park. These Ambassadors are exemplary citizens who are determined to seize every ounce of opportunity that comes their way. 

MCINNUS HENRICKS (@Mcinnus) - There is no challenge too daunting or unrealistic for our first ambassador. A Marathon addict and speed hiking extraordinaire, Mcinnus is an adrenaline junkie who is always moving toward his next great experience.

JACK STEEN (@Steezy) - The Ambassador of send. Jack is a Banff veteran who is always pushing his limits on the slopes. Constantly building an re-inventing yourself is what we love to see at NTC.

NICK WAFER (@WickNafer) - Self expression is the ultimate form of art. Nick is a local freelance photographer that has gained a cult following for his unique 'moody' style of pictures. We chose Nick because he knows, there is no obligation to please anyone but yourself while creating. 

EMMA BRAGG (@Emzbragg) - Living an incredible life in a national park isn't exclusively about yourself. Emma is a selfless environmental activist that believes massive change starts at the simplest level. Emma is an exemplary leader in the sustainability programs used in Lake Louise. 

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