Sutainably made in Canada 


70% Bamboo - 30% Organic Cotton


50% of profits are donated to The Canadian Wildlife Federation


The Endangered Species Charity Collection is our effort to combat the culmination of habitat loss and ongoing climate change locally. Featured in this collection is a Grizzly Bear and North Pacific Humpback Whale, showcasing the diverse range of animal life affected by these critical issues. We aim to provide a catalyst to inspire our customers' curiosity so they are empowered to take these matters personally. As always, our products are crafted from natural, environmentally sustainable materials that help combat animal endangerment. The bamboo utilised in our garments provide an alternative to synthetic nylons that bleed microplastics into our oceans and waterways. While organic cotton offers a more sustainable means of production by avoiding harmful pesticides and other harsh chemicals that inevitably degrade our soil. 


  • MADE IN CANADA - Domestically manufactured in Scarborough, Ontario.


  • SUSTAINABLE - Made from environmentally sustainable materials such as, bamboo and organic cotton.


  • ANTIMICROBIAL - Rayon utilized in our garments provide a natural antimicrobial property to keep apparel free of odour causing bacteria.


  • BREATHABLE - Natural fibres promote flexibility in our garments that help wick away sweat and regulate body temperature.
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