"There is a role for all to play as this country takes a stand to end the genocide that is taking lives and ripping families and communities apart" - NWAC (2021 action plan)


- Sustainably made in Canada

- 70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton

- 100% of profits donated to Native Women's Association of Canada to be used in the space of MMIWG

no blind eye



  • SUSTAINABLE - Made from environmentally sustainable materials ( 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton.)


  • MADE IN CANADA - Domestically manufactured in Scarborough, Ontario.


  • ANTIMICROBIAL - Rayon utilized in our garments provide a natural antimicrobial property to keep apparel free of odour causing bacteria.


  • BREATHABLE - Natural fibres promote flexibility in our garments that help wick away sweat and regulate body temperature.